Dayton is the perfect weekend/road trip destination for families because there is so much to do, but it won’t break the bank! Looking for museums? Check! How about parks, waterfalls and hiking? Check! Are you a foodie family? We have you covered. There is certainly plenty to do in Dayton by itself, but places like Hocking Hills, Cincinnati and Columbus all hug the edges of the Gem City, so you could even take your family on a mini tour of Ohio while you are at it!

We have a lot of hometown pride, which makes us all the more thrilled to be building this resource for families looking to visit.

Dining in Dayton

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Farm to table, fair food, the infamous Dorothy Lane Market and all the donuts one could ever ask for. Dayton is not lacking is taste!

Must See Attractions

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From parks to museums, city to country, artsy to eclectic… Dayton has something for everyone regardless of budget or age. And it’s all within minutes of each other!

Shop Dayton

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If you are looking to shop local there are a few areas of town where you will find your haven. Dayton locals are most definitely loyal to their favorite places!

Play Outside

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Not only does Dayton boast a pretty impressive park system with gorgeous waterfalls, but Dayton is only a hop, skip and a jump away from Hocking Hills. In this area of the country there is no reason not to play outside!

Local Love


If a Dayton native were going to spend a week on vacation in the Gem City, what would they do? While the list is long, the same local favorites will appear again and again. Don’t miss out on what the locals love!

Sleep Soundly

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No matter if you are in Dayton for a family get away, a romantic weekend or looking to camp… there are options to meet all of your sleeping needs!