A Packing List for Summer


The fabulous chaos begins: SUMMER!

Albeit, summer may look a little different this year, we should still try to seize the summery day with every ounce of enthusiasm we have had in the past. I have four kids, and one key to our successful summer vacation hinges on both my preparedness for any occasion and my ability to go where the moment takes us! I like packing a few things ahead of time in my car, just on the off chance an adventure might take place, I want to make sure I am prepared!

Below you will find my packing list for your trunk for a successful summer!

packing list

Sunscreen: Every. Single. Kind. Of. Sunscreen. Baby, Waterproof, 30 SPF for the hubby. Who can enjoy a summer day while you’re worried about roasting under the sun?

Hats and Umbrella: Any kind of hat you can think of for anyone… my boys love supporting their teams and the baby will have her wide-rimmed beach hat! Umbrella is also a must. Why? Again, the sun or the rain!

Extra Change of Clothing: Why? Because kids. Mud puddles are a lot easier to say yes to if they don’t have to climb back into the car soaked in spur-of-the-moment dirty water. Do yourself a favor and pack yourself something extra, too! You’ll thank me later.

Trash Bags or Reusable Bags: I use these for everything. Do yourself and invest in a massive supply. Those gallon storage bags are perfect for storing that extra set of clean clothes, and they are also great for wrapping up the dirty clothes. Trash in the back seat? Collecting rocks at the lake? Random act of kindness moment when you stop to clean up trash at the park? Trash Bags. Bonus: Mesh bags that will let those wet clothes breathe a bit. No one likes to find moldy clothes three days after that fun creek trip!

Snacks and Reusable Cups: Dried fruit, raisins, chips, crackers, etc. Water bottles, Gatorade, etc. I don’t always keep these in the car, but if I know we have something coming up, I try to keep them close by! I will sometimes prep bags with a variety of items for everyone. That way I can grab and go!

Towels and Picnic Blanket: We use our picnic blanket just about every time we are out of the house in the summer. Camping, picnics, parks, road trips to anywhere: we always have a picnic blanket. You can always use towels in the same fashion, and it’s nice to have them on hand just in case you find a creek or lake nearby!

Water Fun: Floaties, pool toys, goggles, towels, swim diapers (if they apply) and a cooler. These are just suggestions, and maybe you don’t leave them in your trunk all the time. Perhaps you might pack a bag specifically for those water fun days!

Personal Care: Hairbrush, deodorant, first aid kit, hair ties.

Bonus Points for Super Crazy Preparedness:

Folding Chairs: Impromptu stop by a creek? Random trip to visit grandparents from the driveway? Now, you have seating!

Flashlights, Glow Sticks, Bubbles, Sidewalk Chalk, Water Guns, Sparklers: Because nothing screams fun like a random surprise out of nowhere!

I hope this packing list helps you prepare for the fabulous summer ahead. Whether or not you are headed for a beach to social distance or to a local lake for some summer rays, you now have my list to start from! I am sure you have a few tried and true items you like to stow away in your trunk for the summer! What are they? What helps you have a successful summer?