A Busy Mom’s Summer Bucket List


As a kid, I loved summer break. No school. Long days playing outside. Staying up late.  Sleeping in. No rush. Just hot summer fun. (It was so hot – we didn’t have AC in those days! WHEW!)

It never really occurred to me growing up, that someday, I’d become an adult and summer breaks would no longer be a thing for me. I still remember driving to work one warm day and it hit me. I don’t get a summer break!

Well, I’ve decided I may not get a summer break, but I can make my very own summer bucket list and still have a great summer! 


Often as a family, we make a family bucket list for Christmas or summer. This year, I’m making my own.

This year, my focus is going to be on making sure I am present with my family because I’m working full time and my time with our girls each day is pretty limited. They will go to camp and they will go to parks and they will go swim with their cousins. Even while I’m working, they will have a GREAT summer. So I’m making a list of all the things I want to do this summer!

The Busy Mom’s Summer Bucket List

  • Blow bubbles – This is one of my favorite simple things to do. Sit in my chair, take deep breaths and exhale. The kids run around giggling and the deep breaths really help me relax.
  • Get ice cream – My hope is that we get to spontaneously go out for ice cream when we should be getting into bed. Ice cream is great. Eating ice cream in your pajamas on the patio of an ice cream shop is simply the BEST.
  • Go to Young’s Jersey Dairy and feed the goats – A yearly tradition, yes. But this time, I’m going to make a point of remembering to bring all the quarters I can find, which let’s be honest, might only be 6 or 7 if I try really hard. But it’s better than the one or two I find in the van after we get up there because I never remember. I want to be able to keep refilling little hands with goat food long after I would normally have said “no more.”
  • Read a book – I love to read, but reading usually sits on the back burner. I want to invest the time in reading. This mini getaway for myself will set a good example to the girls (we don’t always need to be on electronics) and will relax and refresh me.
  • Go on a date night – This one doesn’t involve the kids, but time alone with my husband does both of us a world of good. Getting an hour or two of talking without being interrupted 1,800 times is priceless. The girls don’t mind because it usually means extra playtime with cousins!
  • Have an adult beverage on a patio – Nothing says summer like a cold drink on a hot summer evening. Taking a few minutes to slow down and make this a priority sounds like a great plan this summer!
  • Have a family game night – I’ll save this one for a day when there is rain in the forecast. But if I plan ahead, I can make sure we have the fun snacks on hand!
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk – Do you notice when you are on your hands and knees with your kids, they LOVE it? I don’t do it as much as I probably should, but I still try occasionally. I also happen to really love drawing with chalk. When I sit on the ground and draw with them, it’s so simple, but we all really enjoy the time together.

This is a good start. I’m sure I’ll add to it as I go. And I know I’ll repeat a few (looking at you cold adult beverage!). I also don’t want to make it too long. I’d worry something might get missed and mom guilt is bad enough as it is. So I won’t focus on all the things but rather focus on making a few things really great.

Moms, what’s on YOUR bucket list this summer?