A Day at The Park {Southwest Dayton Edition}


Summer is just around the bend. Soon, we will be waking up to those already warm, sunny days. The flowers we planted the months prior will be bloomed. The garden we sowed will be preparing for harvest. It is the substance of joy in those quick few months we get to experience it here in Ohio.

Summer, for me, is the season of serotonin.

My favorite parts about this season revolve around being a mother. It’s a season when I tend to be less uptight, more carefree, and wildly content. Our children will thrive when mama is at her best. I spend much of the year worrying, stressing, overanalyzing all that surrounds me and my family; it’s just who I am. But summer… summer is special, and if you’re in my neck of the woods, I want to tell you where you can go to enjoy this beautiful, freeing season.

Farmersville Region

  • Farmersville/Jackson Township Joint Recreation Park located at 14440 Farmersville Gratis Road – OUR FAVORITE! You can enjoy two playgrounds (one more appropriate for toddlers than the other), many sports fields, a walking path that surrounds a beautiful pond where you can fish (catch and release), and a community pool with kid pools and waterslides.

Germantown Region

  • Veterans Memorial Park located at 75 N. Walnut Street – a local staple! Positioned right in the center of town, next to the police and fire station, this park is a big one. My toddlers have finally grown big enough to appreciate this one so beware with small children, the slides are large but the wooden playground is sturdy and enclosed. There is also an old train caboose located onsite that is locked but available to explore. You can also enjoy a walking path near the old train station and gazebo.
  • Germantown MetroPark – one of the Five Rivers MetroParks, this is home to many entrances that surround the park. Enter at a nature center and enjoy some deep hiking in the woods, enter at the river entrance near the dam and skip rocks along the bank or enjoy a picnic at one of the many shelters. Great for all ages of children, maybe even your dog, too!

Perry Township Region

  • Sycamore State Park located at 4675 Diamond Mill Road – you may now use the Providence Overlook entrance to visit the newly open Storybook Trail. This is part of an Ohio program that features a book and allows families to navigate the trails while interacting and learning. This park includes water activities at the river, hiking, and even horseback riding.

These are just a few of the area’s parks and recreational activities on this southwest side of Dayton. The perk about these local attractions is that they are FREE! What better way to explore summertime with your children than taking part in outdoor activities that are affordable and safe at a local park?

I’m always on the hunt for a good park! Here’s a more complete list of other parks and playgrounds located around Dayton.