Ways to Stretch Our Budget


Signing away our lives on a new car puts some new perspective in our budget. Here are some of the ways I’m trying to help make our money last:


Price Match

I’m all the time Googling an item I’m standing in the store holding. I want the best deal and sometimes I can get it standing in the store NOT with the lowest price.

Search for the store policy while you are standing inside. Find their posted policy on in-store signage and/or their official website (not someone talking about the company’s website).

Sometimes they match their online prices. Infuriatingly enough, I’ve witnessed many times companies having a different price online or pickup from online. Check the online price in the aisle.

Other times they match their competitors. This varies greatly so check the policy. Sometimes it’s only specific retailers, or it has to be locally in-stock. Sometimes they even beat the price by a percentage instead of matching! 

From sun hats to motor oil, I’ve saved plenty with in-store Googling.

Cyclical Sales

I have certain items I will ONLY buy on sale! 

Much of my grocery list will go on sale at some point, so I try hard to only buy when it is. Cereal, granola bars, pasta, crackers, and other shelf-stable items I’ll buy several packages trying to last to the next time it’s on sale. 


Especially when dining out, I often ONLY buy the special discount items. 

Pizza Hut BOOK It! Personal Pizza? Grab some grapes at the grocery store and that’s lunch.

Kids meals cheaper on certain days or after certain times? Guess that’s when we’re going. 

Getting takeout doesn’t have to cover the entire meal to be a treat for them and a break for me. Supplementing with special prices helps it stretch. 


Some places have better offers than others, but checking receipts or emails for coupons with a survey is a great way to save.

I will only go to Skyline after I’ve filled out my survey from my last visit for a free coney! And the few times we get Steak ‘n Shake I’m bringing my filled out receipt for the free shake after 4 p.m.

I love getting a deal, and our recent big purchase makes looking for them even more important. I hope I was able to steer you toward some new money-saving opportunities.


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