The Best Craft for Anyone


Do you love to craft but need a new idea? Are you not very crafty but wish you could be? Do you need an activity that will be fun and entertaining and fully engage some 2-year-olds? How about some teens? What about some adults? Well, then this is the craft for you!


Supplies needed:

  • Canvas (or paper but canvases lasts longer and can usually be found cheap on Amazon or at a craft store on sale)
  • Paint (washable if working with children)
  • Paint brushes (assorted sizes help, also super cheap at Walmart or Dollar Tree)
  • Painter’s tape (the blue kind of masking tape if you happen to have some lying around)
  • Plastic table covers (not necessary but trust me, makes clean up a breeze)


  • Use your painter’s tape to make a design on your canvas. My favorite group activity is to use an initial. If working with young ones, prep this ahead of time. You could do numbers for a birthday party. Or just random lines for more abstract art. Make sure it’s flat and adhered really well.
  • Paint. Yup. Just paint. Whatever. However. No rhyme or reason necessary. Make it a single color. Make it a rainbow or polka dots or strips. Doesn’t matter. That’s the beauty. Just cover the entire canvas. Go over the tape. Just cover it all.
  • Let it dry as much as possible. Don’t be tempted to skip this step. You’ll regret it! Remove the tape. Slowly and carefully. Voila, art!

See! Super simple. Super fun! Super cute! And yes, everyone loves this craft. I’ve done it at home with our girls. I did it at a birthday party with kids aged 1-16. I’ve done it twice at work now with adults aged 20-60. Everyone had so much fun!


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