Not What I Ordered {Typical Takeout Woes}


As someone who orders takeout (maybe too) often, I sometimes encounter an all-too-familiar problem. I get home with and… it’s wrong. Here are some ways I deal with the issue and varying degrees of success.


Call the Number on the Receipt

This is my most frequent way to combat any order issues and often times they remember me from my very recent order. I can discuss if I’m coming right back in to fix the issue or many times I write on the receipt who I spoke with and get a credit on a future purchase. 

Find Their Website and Contact Us Section 

If the issue lies with my experience, like a problem with an employee, I’ll go to the trouble of contacting the company instead of the store. I try and contact them for good reasons, too. Having a bad experience motivates me to complain, but making time to recognize great customer service is great, too.

Check Before Leaving

Isn’t this always the best choice? As someone who grew up with special orders, my own mother taught me to stand to the side, or pull ahead, and just check! With my family of five, I don’t always do this now. But when I find a mistake at the restaurant instead of leaving, it’s always easier for us all.