Here, Let’s Take a Picture


“Here, let’s take a picture.”

With a camera in every pocket, smartphones create ample opportunity for a quick snap. Here are a few ways my phone shutter finger has proved useful.


If you haven’t seen the great picture taking trick of a kid’s wishlist, let me share.

Kid asks for something you are not willing to buy today. Instead of saying no, take a picture and save it for later. Maybe the kid poses with the item. Maybe the kid physically takes the picture. But this let’s-take-a-picture tip has saved me countless times.

Even the cutest artwork has a lifespan.

Taking a picture, especially with the artist holding it, can create an opportunity to let go of the physical item while retaining the digital memory. If you’re so inclined, you can make a Shutterfly-esque book at the end of the year, or I like to send emails with pictures to family.

Walking through a nature park isn’t always my kids’ first choice, especially when you said park and they thought playground.

Stopping to investigate nature with pictures can make the event more enticing. When walking around, we try and find different colors or textures to collect in our digital album. Taking pictures also helps when we want to look something up at home, like a specific pollinator we spotted. 

With the ease of a smartphone camera at the ready, taking quick pics with kids is great.


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