Spring Cleaning…Fun? {Tips for Spring Cleaning}


After long winters, most of us anxiously await the arrival of spring. Behold! It is here! Opening the windows to let the curtains blow in the breeze. Propping the front door open to let the sunlight shine in. Watching the kids frolic around the yard without care. Examining the blooms of the fall bulbs that were previously planted. There is so much to look forward to. And here it is, just the beginning! Spring cleaning….fun? Do you do it?

All the things of spring are nice until we see what’s been hiding all winter long. When we open the windows, we see the dirt and grime that has accumulated in the tracks. The front door is covered in fingerprints and the sunlight has identified every single speck of dust in the room. When the kids go outside, the grass and trees have grown and need tended to. The blooms in the garden are covered with remnants of fall leaves and old mulch.

While hiring a maid who loves to make homes spick and span sounds appealing, instead I’d like to give you some simple tips that might make spring cleaning a little easier this year (dare I say, fun?).

Make a plan!

Don’t go into this work winging it every day because soon you will find that it could all get rather overwhelming, especially when you start noticing the scuffs on your baseboards and dirty little handprints on your walls. Sit down and make a plan.

Limit the chores to two large tasks a day.

Tackle the garage one day along with changing out air filters. Clean the tracks when you go to clean those dreaded windows (all of those windows!). Tidy up the yard when you spend a day mowing. Pick one room and dust, and when you’re done, wipe down the baseboards. Simplifying your spring cleaning will prevent you from feeling like the work is too much.

If you have kids, don’t be afraid to put them to work!

Maybe even give an allowance or screen time as an incentive. Be cautious of cleaning supplies and instead give them a safer task. Toddlers could help pick up their toys, possibly even choosing some to donate. School age children could wipe down the walls or baseboards with a wet towel. Teenagers could start learning how to manage the outdoors. Make it a family affair!

Turn up some tunes.

I promise this will help make cleaning more enjoyable. Pick your favorite song or artist and turn it up loud while you organize the garage.

Follow your plan and don’t stray away from it.

When you’re done with your tasks for the day, stop. I mean it, just stop. Enjoy the sunshine. Play outside. Go for a walk. Pick back up the next day.

Soon you will check off that last chore and your house will be ready for maintenance through spring and summer, and maybe into fall. You will be able to soak up any free time instead of worrying about a mess. Spring is here, friends, happy cleaning!


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