Safety Spot {Teaching Your Kids Parking Lot Safety}


The most precious part of my car is the magnet on the outside. A pink handprint at toddler height helps me stay a little saner as I take my young kiddos out to run errands. As parking lots get busier in the holiday season and more unpredictable with the snow and ice, my child’s safety spot is a lifesaver. Literally.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a 2014 study published that about 261 children (14 and younger) are killed in vehicular incidents related to parking lots and driveways. (261 is the average number taken over a four-year period.) This isn’t shocking when you picture a busy parking lot. How many times have you had to hit the break because you didn’t notice another car when you were backing up? An unattended child is much less noticeable.

When my own toddler sauntered out into a parking lot, I about lost my lunch.


I knew I needed to go over some basic safety rules. Verbal rules weren’t enough for my toddler though. She needed something tactile. An easy rule I’ve seen other moms practice in parking lots is having their child place a hand on the car. To make this rule come to life, I went to Etsy and searched for a car safety magnet. I found a variety of magnets and stickers to choose from. 

After a few practiced sessions in the driveway, my child now carefully lines up her fingers with the fingers on our car magnet. She knows to go to her spot and not to leave it until given permission. We still have our moments, I’m not a perfect parent and my sassy 2-year-old can be forgetful and stubborn. However, her spot has helped enforce safety around cars and in parking lots. 

I urge you, even if your kid isn’t young like mine, to enforce parking lot safety rules. Find what works for you and your family. And please, stay safe out there!