Staying Safe on Your Run {Tips from a Fellow Runner}


There have been multiple mornings when I’ve stepped out the door, taken a deep breath and declared, “It’s running season!” You don’t need to be training for a marathon to get out there, but you do need to keep your safety in mind. Here are a couple tips and reminders to help you stay safe on your run.


If you run with headphones, run with only one in and on a low volume.

I love to run to music and the occasional podcast. At one point, I was listening to true crime podcasts while running but it made me too jumpy. However, to stay alert and not close yourself off entirely, it’s beneficial to run with only one headphone in. This also allows you to keep up on your running etiquette; you’ll be able to hear if someone is coming up and passing.

Tell someone when and where you are running.

If I go running around the neighborhood, I let my husband know, but that’s because he’s on solo kid duty. However, when he’s at work or if I’m going to a park or a trail, I’ll tell him (or a friend) where I’m going and how many miles I plan on running. This gives a gauge of how long I should be out.

Get a running fanny pack!

I love my little fanny pack. Find one that will fit your phone and keys. Now your hands are free and your keys are easily accessible. I bought mine off of Amazon.

Bring some pepper spray.

Another reason for the fanny pack is that it can hold your pepper spray. Not everyone has good intentions; if you feel that you could be a bit safer with pepper spray on hand, then you should purchase it. Be sure to keep it out of reach from children.

Map out your route.

Running in a secluded area is beautiful but it’s not for everyone. Find a park with a path or loop that offers visibility from the road or parking lot. This way you can see everyone and they can see you.

Get the right shoes!

If we’re going to talk about running safety, then we better prioritize your shoes. Check out a running store, such as Up and Running In Dayton or Runners Plus! Their staff will fit the right shoe for you based on your form, the type and distance of running you do, and will keep in mind any ailments you have that impede your run.
Enjoy your run and stay safe out there!