My Favorite Toddler Playtime Instagram Accounts


Any other toddler moms out there fresh out of new ideas? Uh, me! Both hands raised, looking for something different to do. Not just for the sake of my kids but also for myself.

New games and fun crafts put a little pep in my step, which my kids benefit from.


Pinterest is always a great resource but in recent years, I’ve been turning to Instagram creators and accounts for help. Instagram cultivates more connection with the creator and they often show their kids doing the activity they are sharing.

Here are a few of my favorite toddler playtime accounts that I follow:


Mandisa is full of fun and sensory-filled activities for your kids. Some of my favorite posts she has are her collections of activities, where you can go to her website and read through tons of article-related activities. Her use of everyday objects makes her content attainable.


Susie Allison has some of my favorite bath time activities. They are typically easy and lots of fun (who knew throwing a bunch of pom-poms in the tub would be so much fun? Susie did!). In addition to new ideas and learning fun, @busytoddler offers plenty of tips about independent play, clean-up time, automatic toilets out in public and so much more.


Want more of a craft-centered account? Kimberley has you covered! Her easy-to-follow videos include a variety of seasonal crafts, experiments, and everything rainbow. Follow the link in her bio for free printouts and instructions.


Kailee is a pediatric physical therapist who applies her knowledge and experience to her Instagram account. Here you can find helpful tips and tricks to use playtime to intentionally work and refine motor skills and help you evaluate some baby and toddler milestones. This is a great account to get kids moving.

These are just a handful of accounts that keep playtime fun and exciting. Who are your favorite creators? Let us know!