Non-Sweet Easter Treats {Ideas to Fill Your Baskets}


Easter can be rather chocolate-forward and rationing candy as dessert only goes so far. I’ve found a balance I’m happy with for my family between sweets and non-food treats. Here are some of the most successful non-sweet Easter treats.


Stuffed Friend Accessories 

There are already too many stuffies. And although I know we will undoubtedly accumulate more, I can hold off their fluffy appetite with stuffed friend accessories. There are clothes specifically marketed for certain sizes (think Build a Bear), but I’ve also had success with dog clothing. A cheap but cute DIY could also be pipe cleaner collars with letter beads. My kids love accessorizing their stuffies. 

Broken Up Sets

When buying something with pieces like a Lego set or puzzle, filling some of the eggs with the pieces can be extra fun. Only having pieces the kids won’t yet know what the bigger picture looks like, and one purchase can be enjoyed with many eggs worth finding. Mini LEGO figs or Megablok characters are also a great option to accompany current toys without adding bulk.

Consumable, Not Edible

There are plenty of options for gifting kids non-food products they’ll go through. Bubbles with a nice quality wand (buying a nice sturdy bubble wand has been a favorite purchase), sidewalk chalk, a ream of printer paper or a pad of origami paper are all items my kids are always going through. We don’t keep a full stock of these during the year, but occasions like Easter is a way to replenish the fun.

When looking to fill baskets and eggs for Easter this year, a little creative thinking and planning ahead will provide some extra non-sweet treats.