Moving Day {Tips from the Kids}


We’re moving! There are boxes everywhere. I’ve gone through rolls and rolls of packing tape and bubble wrap. I can’t find anything. I’m pretty sure I put my hot glue gun in the storage PODS we rented despite the fact I use it on a regular basis. And we’ve eaten take-out more days of the week than not the last couple of weeks.

Juggling selling a house, securing temporary housing while we look for our new forever home, work, home life, doctor appointments, etc have been a bit stressful. But our family is super excited about the next chapter in our life!


One thing I have been very thankful for is the help of family and friends. My mom has been here helping us pack and clean and paint. My sister and her family came and helped pack and carry loads of stuff to our storage PODS. A neighbor made us soup for dinner one night. And several family members and friends are planning on spending a day here soon helping us move.

One thing we’ve tried to do to help keep things less stressful for our girls is to keep them informed of what is going on. We are counting down days. They are helping us pack some boxes when they can. But I know they still can get a little worried.

I asked them tonight what advice they have to offer for other families that are moving.

Savannah (age 9): Make sure you find the right size house. You don’t want it too big or too small. If it’s too big, you’ll have to just clean all this extra space. If it’s too small, you’ll all just be squished.

Lacie (age 8): Sometimes it’s a little scary moving, but just remember your family is there with you and they are moving with you so you are not alone.

Emma (age 5): When you’re moving and you’re nervous, just play with your toys and electronics. Don’t pack them all away. You’re favorite stuffy can help you feel better.

Savannah also reminded me to not stay up late and get good sleep, which I have to agree is very good advice since I didn’t sleep well last night and struggled with packing today!

As a parent, my moving tips are to remember to take breaks and have some family time. An afternoon playing board games or a quick trip to Young’s Jersey Dairy for some ice cream and goat snuggles goes a long way to keeping things feeling normal in the midst of chaos.

Any tips from your kids on moving?