DIY Mother’s Day Gift {Handmade Coupon Books}


On Mother’s Day, flowers and gift cards are always sweet, but sometimes a personal gift can mean even more.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but my parents always found ways to make things fun and exciting for us, while on a budget. I have wonderful memories of my childhood. My mother would sometimes make us coupon books, so we could do special things with her on our own since there were five of us to split her attention. I treasured my handmade coupons and redeemed them all year long. In turn, we would make my mom coupon books of extra things we could do for her that would last all year as well.


Moms, you can get in on your own gift – it’s perfectly fine! And hey, dads! You can do this with the kids for Mom, too (you could even make your own for her)!

Pick an afternoon or evening to gather the family and needed items, and make a lasting family memory.


Materials You Will Need (Most of These Items are Around the House Anyway!):

  1. Paper (Any Color!)
  2. Scissors
  3. Stapler
  4. Pens/Markers/Crayons
  5. Computers & Printers are Totally Optional!

How to Make Them:

  1. Take your paper, fold them in thirds (like you’re going to stuff an envelope), then cut across the creases.
  2. Use pens/markers/crayons to make a coupon book cover.
  3. Use pens/markers/crayons to make each coupon.
  4. Staple the book along the left side.
  5. Enjoy the coupons all year long!

Age Range:

  • Pre-School to High School (even some of the bigger kids should get in on this!)

Get creative or fancy if you want. Make dotted lines around the edges, so it looks like a “real coupon.” Put an expiration date on it, or add some drawings that go along with what the coupon is good for.

Ideas for Coupons from Kid(s)/Dad:

  • Extra Chores
  • Foot Rub
  • Running a Bath
  • Anything that is above and beyond the normal of what you would do for Mom

Moms, we wouldn’t have our holiday if our kids hadn’t made us a mother in the first place. We can make them coupon books from us that say, “You Made Me a Mom!”

Ideas for Coupons from Mom:

  • Special Mom-Kid Dates to Lunch/Dinner/etc.
  • Extra Story Time at Night
  • One-on-One Time at the Park (or Zoo, etc.)
  • Anything that would be special just for Mom and Kiddo

Most of all, just enjoy this day to celebrate all the hard work that Moms do every day! Happy Mother’s Day!