Netflix, Now Chill Out {A Mom’s Version of Netflix and Chill}


Screen time’s a plenty nowadays. But, oh how I long for the mom version of “Netflix and Chill, i.e. “Netflix, Now Chill Out.” Here are some pieces of the internet to give you some peace. Some local, some within the state of Ohio, the country, the world, and beyond.


Upper Sandusky Community Library

Art Lessons with Lisa (aluminum art)

Washington-Centerville Public Library (remote learning resources, such as Brain Pop and Creative Bug)

Archbold Community Library 

Access Tumble Book Library (animated, talking picture books)

Book Browse

Medina County Library

Aullwood Audubon

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Dayton Society of Natural History YouTube (videos of ambassador animals and exhibits from the collection vault)

Mister C  (local creator on Facebook Live videos and recordings of science principles and experiments)

Learning Science is Fun

Cincinnati Zoo (“Fiona It’s Bedtime” read by Thane Maynard)

Five Rivers Metro Parks

Science Saturday (videos of science subjects geared for elementary students)

Day by Day family literacy calendar (service of State Library of Ohio)

Ebooks, digital audiobooks, digital magazines and videos for Ohio citizens

Think TV (virtual camp to be your best caring neighbors)

Storyline Online(children’s literacy site with videos of celebrities reading)

The Louvre

Smithsonian Natural History

National Women’s History Museum

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Emily Arrow songs and videos inspired by picture books

Draw Every Day with JJK

Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence at Home

Cassie Stephens Art Teacherin’ in Tennessee

San Diego Zoo

National Park Service (searchable by park, photos, videos, webcams and more)

Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars

Canadian Food Farm tours

National Gallery of Art (with a self-guided art walk around DC and virtual exhibitions among other great resources)

Food Network YouTube

Mark Rober YouTube (former NASA engineer creating over-the-top YouTube videos as a ‘friend of science’)

This is part two of this list I sourced for you Gem City mamas! Check out part one in this year’s November Dayton Dozen.