How to Manage Your Finances {While Waiting for the Cookies to Bake}


You may often wonder how to manage your finances as a busy parent. I’m here to tell you that you CAN find those elusive minutes and can start the process even while waiting for the cookies to bake. As you follow those steps of baking cookies (whether from scratch or straight from the fridge to the oven), I have some steps you can go through at the same time.

Like most things in life, your attitude towards finances stems from your childhood and serves as your foundation for financial literacy.


As a child, I wasn’t educated on finances – I lived a middle-class suburban life in Alaska. I was an Army brat who didn’t care much about where the money was coming from. When my parents divorced, however, I learned the value of a dollar while living out of a studio apartment with my mom and three siblings in Detroit, Michigan.

Once I became an adult, I was convinced that I would never depend on others for my financial stability and earned four degrees as a six-figure earner. I learned that taking risks was part of life, and I had to take risks to provide for my babies. The Finance Doctor’s 6-Figure Budget™ I created will help you achieve and maintain a six-figure income. My 6-Figure Budget™ focuses on 6 steps to calculate your budget NOW:

Step 1

Calculate your yearly net income.

Step 2

Calculate your yearly living expenses (Mortgage+Utilities+TV+Internet+Car+Insurance).

Step 3

Measure your spending: Income–Living = Spending.

Step 4

Calculate your goals: Cash from spending (deposit amount varies).

Step 5

Calculate your savings/investments: Cash from spending (deposit amount varies).

Step 6

Calculate your liquid cash: Spending–Goals–Savings/Investments = Liquid Cash.

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