Make Your Own Indoor Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger hunts are for all ages and are easy to deliver. Not only are they fun but they can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Can’t go outside yet this spring? That’s fine, let’s make it an indoor scavenger hunt. I’ll tell you how.

Make a list.

Present said list.

Have child complete list.


Okay, that was facetious of me, but I hope it painted a picture of just how easy this can be.

scavenger hunt
I did an indoor scavenger hunt with my 2-year-old. I had a list of 10 things she needed to find and a bag for her to collect them in. The list went something like this…

Find something purple.

Find a toy with wheels.

Collect three red items.

Find something soft.

Get a book with numbers on the cover.

Look for a sparkly toy.

Find a green crayon.

Find something noisy.

Look for something with stripes.

Find something that smells good.

Once she had found everything off the list (that I read out loud to her), she presented each item to her dad and recalled where she got it and then put it back.

Need something a little more interactive? Create and place clues and riddles around the house the night before. Have kids complete a task (doing a puzzle, making up a song) before getting the next clue. Make it a picture scavenger hunt (this could be done with a phone, a digital camera or a Polaroid).

Adding in a prize is always a win, especially with older kiddos. Whether it’s completing a list or following clues there can be a prize at the end. Going to their favorite restaurant (or ordering in), a family movie night full of treats, or picking an outing and scheduling it. Maybe it’s $5 bucks!

The most important part is that it’s fun and a little challenging. Take a look at what you’re able to facilitate and what your family prefers. Have fun and tell us about your scavenger hunt!


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