How To Be Together Apart {Four Ideas to Stay Connected}


When we can’t physically be with those we love, we can still create a connection with some ingenuity, snail mail and technology. Here are a few ways to bridge the gap across distances. 


Send yourself.

Make “Flat Self” ala Flat Stanley versions to send in the mail. This could create a fun photo op or just some flat company in your absence.

Send your love.

Create paper crafted hugs to send in the mail. This video describes taping papers together to make them life-size. A cute way to hug through the mail. 

Read together.

Distance reading takes a little prep work but can be very rewarding. One way is checking out two copies of a book. Search your local branch and the library close to your loved one to see what is available (many times available for curbside pick-up). Another way is to share a physical copy and a downloaded one. Check your library system to see what platforms are available. 

Here is a list of books per age level by Scholastic to get your gears turning. 

Game together.

Some games easily lend themselves to be played remotely. Here is a hack for a Periodic Table Battleship. No science knowledge needed, but some might sink in. Some light prep work, but the result is a reusable opportunity for a distanced game night. 

Roll and write games are cheap to acquire, easy to learn and lots to enjoy. I recommend Qwixx, Qwinto, or Bloom. 

With some planning, we can share experiences while away from each other. I hope y’all find a great and safe way to connect with the ones you love.