Five Easy Easter Egg Activities to Do With Toddlers


Keeping toddlers busy and engaged can be challenging some days, especially when the same toys are played with each day. With Easter just around the corner, there are some easy ways to incorporate fun Easter themes into activities to help toddlers with the basic skills they are constantly working on such as letters, colors and gross motor skills. Here are five easy Easter egg activities to do with toddlers.

Colors: Dye or Color Easter Eggs

Dying Easter eggs is a great tradition that toddlers will love. After preparing your hard boiled eggs, grab a dye kit from the store or you can even use different fruits and vegetables to make your own food dye. Blueberries make a great blue color and beets make a vibrant purple. But, if dying Easter eggs seems a little too messy of an undertaking with your toddler (raising my hand!), then letting them color on the shells with crayons is a great mess-free alternative.

Letters: Egg Scavenger Hunt

Repurpose the letter magnets (I know you have some on your fridge) and hide them inside plastic Easter eggs. Hide the eggs around your house and as your child brings them back to you, crack open the egg together and talk about the letter inside. What letter is this? What sound does it make? What is a word that starts with this letter?

Numbers: Count Your Chickens

Usually they say not to count your chickens, at least before they have hatched, but this time, it’s a great number activity for your toddler! Find a simple chicken clipart online and write numbers on each one or leave them blank and simply count each one. You could print them on cardstock or even laminate them if you are able so that they last longer. With numbers written on them, could also line them up in order, skipping a number and have your child place the correct number in the sequence.

Fine Motor: Washi Tape Eggs

Most toddlers love stickers and washi tape is another fun product that can be stuck on paper, themselves or even you! Print out a simple egg outline and let your child pick different washi tape designs. Help your child peel some of the tape and then place it on the egg, adding a new layer of tape above until the egg shape is covered.

Gross Motor: Easter Obstacle Course

Get the wiggles out with an easy Easter themed obstacle course. Set up some cones or hula hoops if you have them, but they aren’t necessary with this super simple game. Call out directions such as “hop like a bunny 3 times” or “flap your wings like a chick.”

Hopefully these Easter themed activities provide some quick and easy ideas on new activities to break up the day while still working on important skills with your toddler! Do you have any ideas that we should add to our list of five easy Easter egg activities to with toddlers?