DIY Advent Calendars {Counting Down Until the Holidays}


With the cost (and sometimes actual value) of advent calendars, DIY can be the most appealing choice. Here are some ideas to personalize for your family or even each kid.

advent calendars

Building Sets

With low age to high complexity, building sets are easy to spread out over time. Looking at the instructions, split a set up in envelopes or even folded up pieces of paper to create a fun activity over time. Adding blind bag figures can stretch more days, too.


Borrowing books from the library can be a great, low-cost way to have a new story a day. Wrap them for a mystery each time or take turns picking out a title. Shopping discount bookstores can add some books to the permanent collection on the cheap this way, too.


Going through any store aisle, there’s no lack of snack choices. Explore new flavors or brands like yogurt or chips. Find new toppings to try on baked potatoes or sundaes. Food is a highly customizable idea for lots of variety and flavor.


Between your own closet and the old staples (Tic-Tac-Toe, 20 Questions, etc.), pick games or family activities to do together. If you’re needing to bump up the numbers, think of assigning whose choice it would be over what activity it’d be. 

One extra tip is not having the whole thing planned in advance. Being flexible can help make choices about what the family is receptive to.

With some planning, DIY advent calendars can be personalized and creative. I hope these ideas help create lasting memories for your family. Happy holidays!