10 Things You Need to Ditch for Good in the Second Half of 2020


With more time on our hands than normal these days, it’s time to declutter all the things and let go of any unnecessary distractions. Here’s a list of 10 things you need to ditch in 2020:


  1. The donation pile. The one in a trash bag in your trunk. Or on the chair in your bedroom. Or maybe those jeans still in your closet that belong in the donation pile. Don’t give your kids (or yourself) another day to “find” said pile and pull things back out.
  2. Broken toys. Seriously. If they are beyond repair, toss them stat. (Recycle if possible).  Your child will recover from their loss.
  3. Old contacts in your phone. You know, the ones you don’t want to hear from? Actually, don’t delete them. Block them. Then delete them. (Yes, I have done this. It felt insanely selfish. Until I realized that it was actually selfish of me to keep expecting a toxic person to change. Or for my family to be affected by them). Same thing for your social networks. Bonus, when your kid accidentally dials someone, there is a higher chance you won’t mind.
  4. Parenting guilt and shame. (Collective deep sigh and cringe). This is a hard one. Mamas, we all struggle at some point. I won’t pretend to know you or what seasons you have walked. But, I can tell you that I know firsthand how real guilt and shame are, depression and anxiety. Your continued guilt and shame over a difficult season are not helping your littles or you. It is hard, but learn from it, adjust, get healthy, and do whatever you need to do to continue doing life together as an even better you.
  5. Shippy friendships. What is this, you ask? Well, “ship” is the word I taught my young daughter when I ran into the washing machine and she heard me say… not ship. Get rid of those “friendships” that continually make you feel like “ship.” I’m not referring to people who care enough about you to call you out. That is hugely beneficial for your personal growth. But, if you dread nearly every interaction with someone, their friendship is not worth it.
  6. A fixed mindset. My elementary school daughters learned about fixed vs. growth mindsets this year. It’s time we learn it, too. You can grow in literally any area. So much of what holds us back is in the space between our ears.
  7. The paper pile. Ours is in a wicker basket under the coffee bar area. It has been in hiding for too long. Let’s go through it. Shred it. Or don’t go through it and burn it. (Kidding. My gosh. Please don’t do that. What if little Timmy’s birth certificate from kinder registration is still in there?)
  8. One unhealthy habit. Pick one. Just one. Otherwise, you will get overwhelmed. Then, commit to purging it from your life. Mine is negative self-talk. If I wouldn’t say it to someone I love, I can no longer say it to me.
  9. Every single item in your car that doesn’t belong. Contrary to popular belief, your car is not a storage unit. (Guilty. I blame kids). Pull everything out. Thoroughly clean. Only replace items that should be there. Return everything else to its proper place.
  10. Unrealistic expectations. The ones you placed on your marriage. Your kids. Your friendships. Yourself. Expectations and goals are good. Unrealistic expectations are horribly stifling and break relationships. You may not realize you have them. Take inventory, re-evaluate what are non-negotiables to you. Then let the unrealistic expectations go.

What things are you learning to let go of? What are your hopes? I’d love to hear them.