Car Seat Detailing in a Dash {Things You Need to Get Started}


Part of attacking monstrous tasks is just getting started. Here are some quick tips to car seat detailing, along with the at-home items that make detailing even the worst “car seat casseroles” a nightmare of the past.

Car Seat Detailing in a Dash Kit:

  • 30 minutes – Carve out 30 minutes for disassembly, cleaning and reassembly.
  • Toothpick – For knocking out the grim within the tiny crevices found within the seat belt buckle and the safety strap buckles.
  • Baby wipes – To spot clean the car seat cover, straps, buckles and actual seat.
  • Handheld vacuum – To remove all visible crumbs inside and underneath the car seat and car seat cover.
  • OXO deep clean brush – Brush away the crud on the car seat straps and buckles, and crumbs underneath the car seat. Use a baby wipe on the area, brush the grim, and wipe away.
  • Cell phone flashlight or old school flashlight – To give you a clear view of all the crevices and caverns where crumbs hide.

Due to the extremely nasty nature of the car seat, I removed it completely from the car to vacuum the seat and give it some much-needed respite. If the condition of your car seat is not a state of emergency, you can save some time by keeping it strapped in the vehicle.

Enjoy your detailing in a dash!


  1. Please only use the methods in your car seats manual. Abrasive brushes and disinfecting wipes are nit generally allowed. Contact the car seat manufacturer with any questions about what is and is not approved for use.

    -CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician)

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