Never Have I Ever, But Here We Are {New At-Home Activities to Try}


Being home with my tiny humans, I’ve become creative in finding new things to do. Thankfully we’ve discovered some activities with inexpensive supplies and easy entry points. I hope some of these strum interest in your home.


Balloon Animals

Never have I ever desired to make balloon animals, but here I am. With only a small hand pump and a package of balloons, you’re ready to start. YouTube has great resources for basics, like how it totally makes sense to blow up the balloon to various stages for differing projects. A few easy-to-follow twists and bam! A dog! A butterfly! A sword! Creating balloon animals is surprisingly approachable and something I never thought about learning before.


With some library books and a pack of paper, we have entered a folding frenzy. In a pinch, computer paper can accomplish some simple folds, but anything of detail needs the thinness of origami paper. My own previous experience was passing notes between classes, giving me the beginning to a fun paper craft with my kids. There are simple projects my 5-year-old can accomplish and my 10-year-old has become a pro. They recommend the Origami Yoda book series. 

Friendship Bracelet

My fingers hold muscle memory creating these from my own childhood, but recently I’ve looked up new knots to try with my kids. It’s been a great, unplugged time. Yarn or embroidery floss, there are lots of material options and various knots to explore. We have found using a rubber band around a stuffed friend’s neck makes for a great anchor. And the kids have even made some bracelets for their stuffies. 

I’m always on the lookout for quality-time activities. These three have been great for my family in recent months and I hope they spark some joy in you.


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