Enjoying This 4th of July {Ideas for an At-Home Celebration}


Happy 4th of July, mamas! Are you staying home and doing your own thing this Independence Day?! Check below for easy-peasy ideas to juice up your fun 4th!

4th of july

Nothing brings back childhood nostalgia like an old-fashioned Ice Cream Sandwich. 

Make Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches eaten whole or cut in half by rolling these store-bought confections in red, white and blue sprinkles. Freeze and eat!

Another walk down memory lane… BOMB POPS! 

The Original Bomb Pop contains that sweet and sour combo of red cherry, white lime and blue blueberry. A frozen piece of history dating back to 1913 used as an easy, cross-generational, beat-the-heat July 4th treat!

Too much artificial sweetness? 

A fruit tray or salad will fix that problem with a traditional combo of strawberries, raspberries, banana slices and blueberries shaped in a flag design, or really, any layout you see fit. Put them on skewers in a pattern to create a fruit kabob or add watermelon cuts using a star cookie cutter (if your feeling really fancy!)

Can you have sweet without a little salty? 

What about a patriotic snack mix of red, white and blue seasonal peanut M&Ms, small white marshmallows, pretzels, graham cracker pieces, or cereal all mixed. A snack to spoon out into an empty ice cream cone should tide you over until the food on the grill is finished!

If you’re an excellent cook like me, you might just buy a pack of red twisty candy, white-chocolate pretzels, and some kind of funky blue candy to pour onto a festive tray and say, “Bon Appétit!” 

Keep the kiddos occupied with games like a 4th of July Scavenger Hunt! 

Use those inquisitive minds to roam the grounds (expelling energy) while being a part of the celebration! There are a lot of FREE printables out there to Google; just have fun! 

Thirsty, much? 

Patriotic Punch can be an adult or kid-friendly beverage using cran-cherry juice (red), a kid-friendly piña colada drink (white) and a blue raspberry drink (blue). The golden ticket here is to stack liquids with the highest sugar content on the bottom graduating to the lowest sugar grams on the top!

Patriotic Playlist got you Perplexed? 

Check out any streaming service to look for lists of great songs that would add some prideful flare to your BBQ. Listen to one of my favorites, Neil Diamond’s “America,” or my Dad’s favorite, James Brown’s, “Living in America.” Ahhh, the 80s… take me back!

Last but not least, safety first y’all! 

Sparklers, as fun as they seem, burn at 2,000 degrees and cause 25% of ER visits for firework injuries. There are friendlier alternatives like patriotic glow sticks, confetti poppers, and colored streamers for the littles. Check out this link for some tips from the National Safety Council.

Check out our complete guide to local 4th of July fireworks and festivals. Wishing you and yours a wonderful time on this special day!


  1. Great ideas!!! I love a white chocolate covered pretzel! Walmart sells red, Whit and blue ones that are calling my name!!

  2. Some awesome celebration suggestions! I love the 4th of July and all things Red, White and Blue! I’ve already purchased patriotic glow sticks and can’t wait for some sweet patriotic desserts you mentioned!

  3. Great article and yes, James Brown singing in the Rocky IV (?) movie was iconic and oozing all things patriotic while embodying the 80’s with an infusion of soul. I enjoyed reading your column and taking your hints on how to have a fun 4th!

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