Laid-Back Lunches with DLM

This post is brought in partnership with our friends at Dorothy Lane Markets, but the opinions are 100% our own! We love how DLM helps bring so much more joy to summer lunches!

Cooking is the last thing I want to do right now! Lunch time can be chaos in our house so I’m always trying new ways to make it a little less stressful. These laid-back lunches are perfect for those lazy summer days and a hit with the whole family. Dorothy Lane Market makes it easy with their prepared food and great grocery selection.

Brioche Mini Pizzas

Pizza night is one of our favorite days of the week. Why not bring the fun to lunch! This mini size is the perfect personal pizza size that your kids will love to fill with their favorite toppings.

Mini Pizza Ingredients:

– Brioche rolls
– Pizza sauce
– Shredded mozzarella cheese
– Toppings

Preheat the oven on broil. Open up the brioche rolls and separate the sides. Spoon a layer of pizza sauce onto the open face of the rolls. Sprinkle with cheese and any additional toppings.

Broil in the oven until the cheese is golden brown and bubbly. Serve right away! I like to pair it with a veggies and hummus cup in the prepared food section. Throw in a yogurt tube and you’ve got a lunch that is sure to be a hit with your whole family!

Muffin Tin Meal

Snacks are always a hit no matter what time of day! Who says you can’t completely ditch cooking and have snacks for lunch? Make a quick roll up and you’re ready to eat.

Roll-Up Ingredients:

– Whole wheat tortilla
– Peanut butter
– Diced strawberries

Take a tortilla and spread half with peanut butter. Lay a line of diced strawberries on the edge of the peanut butter. Tightly roll up the wrap starting with the strawberry side first. Once it is rolled up, slice into rounds. Place the roll ups into two of the muffin cups.

You can also use jelly instead of the fresh fruit but my kids really love the different spin. I love that DLM’s peanut butter is nothing but peanuts!

Fill the remaining cups with more snacks. I love to use DLM’s 4Square because of the great assortment of snacks ready to eat. Mom tip: Save the container and fill it with your own snacks later.

Monochromatic Meal

Make lunchtime colorful by picking a color to make the entire meal. We picked orange and found orange food around the store to eat. You can do this with any color or even pick one food of every color of the rainbow!

Meal Ingredients:

– Peaches
– Baby carrots
– Brioche roll
– Cheddar cheese
– Hartzler Family Dairy Orange Cream Milk

We used orange Cheddar cheese and a brioche roll to make a grilled cheese. The Hartzler Family Dairy Orange Cream Milk tastes so delicious, just like a melted Popsicle!

Turn this one into a taste test. Do the different orange items all taste the same? Even though they are the same color they vary in texture, taste, and smell.

Ballpark Lunch

Missing the baseball this year? Bring the game to you with this Ballpark lunch! This is a great one to take outside for a picnic. Grab your glove and have a ball!

Lunch Ingredients:

– DLM Grass-Fed Beef Uncured Hot Dog
– Brioche roll
– DLM Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
– DLM Ballpark Popcorn

Are you missing trips to the baseball field this year? Nothing says baseball like popcorn and peanuts, and the DLM Ballpark Popcorn puts it all together with caramel corn, popcorn, and roasted peanuts. It’s the perfect salty and sweet combination.

What laid-back lunches are you going to try?!

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