Finding our In-Betweens at Cedar Falls

This post is part of a sponsored relationship, however we would not partner with a business we did not feel brought value to our readers. We are thrilled to be able to tell you about The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls.

Love begins with big moments. The first date. The first kiss. The butterflies. The first time you say it out loud. But love is nurtured, over the years, by the in-between moments. The small inside jokes, the affectionate fleeting touch, or the small thoughtful gesture. Having kids makes marriage so hard because your in-between moments get swallowed up by tiny little humans and their not-so-tiny needs. We need getaways and date nights, to find our in-betweens again and to remember why we fell in love. Enter the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls.

The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls

Nestled in the natural beauty of Hocking Hills, the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls provides a rustic romantic getaway. The Innkeepers, Ellen and Terry, are the daughter and son-in-law of Anne, who bought the land from the original farmer. Ellen has this in her blood. She is passionate about the atmosphere and experience she provides to her guests and it shows in all the details throughout the Inn. My husband and I were able to spend a few nights in their Honeysuckle Cottage. We arrived weary from life, kids, work and the monotony of marriage.

All their cottages and cabins, are slightly secluded with their own private porch looking out over the forest. The cottage included a kitchenette, whirlpool tub, coffee maker, wine glasses, corkscrew, board games, books and even a handwritten note from the Inn wishing us a happy anniversary accompanied by some fresh homemade chocolate peanut butter cookies. You could basically bunker down in your room and not see anyone else for two days!

Not a bad start to finding our in-betweens. 

The staff at the Inn gave us some recommendations on hikes to do that first day, after all, in Hocking Hills, you MUST hike. The Inn is perfectly located central to many of the main hikes so they are easy to either drive to or even hike to from the grounds.We hiked to Cedar Falls and Old Man’s Cave the first day. The hikes were easy, but breathtaking and it was nice to be able to do that all before dinner. DMB TIP: Pack good shoes for muddy/wet hiking and a wet/dry bag to put them in afterwards. Also a small backpack to carry water and other supplies, unlike the fools in the picture who at the last minute found their 2 year old’s very practical hippo backpack.

After returning from our hike, we ventured down to dinner at the restaurant. The building is made from the original farm house structure. The Cedar Falls crew did a remarkable job maintaining the charm, by using locally milled lumber and re-purposed material when possible.  We arrived early enough for dinner that we had time to get a drink at the bar and enjoy it on the front porch. DMB TIP: Make dinner reservations when you book your stay, it fills up fast and no one wants to be eating at 8pm.

We were seated at a table on the patio of the restaurant, reminiscent of a secret garden, surrounded by stone bricks and flowers. The service was what you would expect from a place that prides itself on service. Our server, Logan, was helpful in picking out a dish to order and never let our water glasses get empty. She was the perfect mix of attentive, but not intrusive. Even though the Inn is rustic in nature and strikingly simplistic, the food is absolutely fine dining. Made from scratch, in-house, we truly ooohed and ahhhhed at every meal we had.

Following dinner each night, we would sit and have some drinks, wander the grounds and play board games. They also have bottles of wine you can buy in the little shop to bring back to your room and enjoy by the light of your gas stove fireplace or under the stars on your private porch. These nights were filled with in-between moments. Just the two of us hanging out, with no time table, a beautiful backdrop and no distractions, other than me trash talking through our intense Rack-o games. DMB TIP:There is popcorn in each room, but it is helpful to have your own snacks on hand since it is a walk to the main area

Breakfast, like dinner, is made from scratch. It is included with your stay and puts the normal “breakfast included” you find at hotels to absolute shame. They provide a yogurt and fruit bar every morning along with a menu and daily special….and coffee. Good coffee! 

The second day we did a hike to Ash Cave and Conkle’s Hollow. These two hikes were my favorite but for very different reasons. Ash Cave is completely accessible for all abilities, which is something that always hits close to my heart. You would think that since it is a paved path the sights wouldn’t be as magnificent, but that is not the case. The cave is enormous and the sun shining into the cave over the little water fall could have been a post card. Conkle’s Hollow was the most difficult hike we attempted. For an experienced hiker it would be fine, however for us novices who don’t do well with heights, it felt like quite a feat.  

After a long day of hiking, we took advantage of the spa the Inn has within one of the cabins. We enjoyed a couples massage in a sun room overlooking the forest. The setting was perfect for relaxing and getting the most of the massage, while reflecting on our day. 

Over the two days we were there, we relaxed, we ate, we talked, we laughed and we were just together. We left the Inn less weary than we arrived and with plenty of in-between moments to help us remember why we continue to choose each other. 

Are you looking to get away for a couple nights with your significant other to find your in-betweens? Or perhaps you want to schedule a babymoon getaway or a weekend with the girls. The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is perfect for all of those. Book your reservation today and make sure you check out what specials they have going on when you do. Make sure you say hi to Ellen and Terry and tell them we sent you!