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Should I go? …What if I go and find out it just needs to run it’s course and we can’t get meds? …The thought of leaving the house is exhausting. She is sound asleep, I really don’t want to wake her….

Have any of those thoughts ran through your mind when deciding whether you should head to urgent care or visit your family doctor? Even heading to see the nurse practitioner at the local drug store or grocery seems daunting when you or your little one is under the weather.

AmWell 1st Free VisitI was so happy when City Moms Blog network introduced me to Amwell.  A convenient and cost effective option for healthcare visits – telehealth! It came at a perfect time. With their first free visit coupon code {CITYMOMS}…I knew I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My First Telehealth Experience::

It was 4:43pm when I made the decision to install the Amwell app.  By 5:02 I was completely done. 19 minutes. Pretty sure I couldn’t get the kids round up and into the car in 19 minutes. I definitely don’t remember the last time I waited less than 19 minutes to be seen by the doctor for an impromptu visit.

[dropcap]The process was super simple- Download App, Enroll yourself, Select your doctor, See your doctor. That’s it.

It took approximately 2 minutes to enroll myself (very simple process), then I was offered up several doctors that had icons letting me know if they were available or had a wait. The doctors were chosen based upon the “reason” for my visit and they all had star ratings (everyone gets the option to rate once their visit is complete).  Once I chose a doctor, I held for about 90 seconds. During that time, the information provided in the recording helped me to understand what to expect during our video conference. Before I knew it, we were on the call.

I was very impressed with the quality of the video, the clarity of her voice, and her ability to examine my ailments.  She asked very detailed questions and even offered some additional advise based upon her experience. Never once did I feel uncomfortable or that she was not able to get a good enough examination in order to treat my symptoms. I did not “need” a prescription on this visit, but she explained how we could reconnect in the event our first plan of action did not work.  I was absolutely impressed by the quality of the service I received and would highly recommend this to any busy mom for the ENTIRE family!

amwell 1I’m positive that my children would prefer to meet a doctor over an app than in person!

Here’s some basics on this great telehealth provider ::

Amwell gives you 24/7 access to your choice of providers from the comfort of your home.  They offer high quality, board certified, licensed care doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, psychologists, therapists & social workers. All of these professionals meet with you virtually over your desktop or mobile video – in under 2 minutes!

Here’s what to expect:  Download App. Sign up. Choose from a list of currently available doctors, licensed in your state. Your doctor can diagnose, treat and even prescribe – all over secure video. Once your visit is complete, you will receive a full write up of your visit with recommendations. Need a prescription?  Your doctor will call it into your favorite pharmacy!

The next time you or someone else in your family needs to see a doctor…try Amwell!  You have absolutely everything to gain as the first visit is free!

Use the coupon code: CITYMOMS


…And if you do end up needing to make an office appointment, you can look for a provider in Dayton with the handy Amwell find a doctor page!


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  1. Very interesting!

    Coming from the medical field…I see 2 very big points here.

    PRO: Lower barrier to service.

    As you said in your review – it was SUPER easy to go, no getting a sick kid ready and out the door, no need to take off extra time, and sometimes we just dilly dally around hoping the problem will resolve itself because it usually means time & money when we go to the doc.

    CON: No physical exam

    There is an insane amount of information a doc gets from a physical exam…although at times it doesn’t look like they ‘checked’ much out – they have taken inventory of loads of information during the assessment. Good docs are trained to feel and see with their hands just as much as their eyes and ears. SO much is gained from a physical exam so I would worry that not getting your hands on the patient may result in a less helpful visit at times.

    Overall, I am a fan of this model. Many people – myself included which is pretty ironic – have anxieties when we think about going to the doc. I totally admit that I am the LAST person to go to the doc, unless I think myself/kid/spouse are on the verge of a true life threatening emergency..I don’t go or even call. Its crazy, but I know I’m not alone. Asking for help is NOT one of my strong suits.

    Health care models will continue to evolve (about damn time, right?!) And docs will be held at less of a status and will just be there to serve. I think this is a great biz opportunity for docs that actually helps lower the barrier to care.

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