The Crazy World of Cravings


Ice Cream and pickles. Peanut butter and cottage cheese. Copious amounts of pineapple.  Pregnancy cravings vary from mom to mom and pregnancy to pregnancy.

Recently on a date with my husband, we went to a new restaurant. Looking over the menu, we were overwhelmed and excited by the options. Their specialty was grilled cheese sandwiches. They had some combinations to choose from but you could also create your own sandwich. The same goes for their mac and cheese. My husband said this would be a pregnant woman’s dream come true.

And this made me remember some of my pregnancy cravings.


With my firstborn, I craved carbs and sweets. I went through quite a few bowls of captain crunch. The smell of Mt. Dew literally would wake me from sleep in the middle of the night. With my second daughter, anything sweet made me sick. One lifesaver would make me nauseous for the entire afternoon. But I ate all the chicken and cheeseburgers. With my youngest, I ate so many different things. Nothing specific but I did eat a lot of Mexican and Thai food. The funny part of this is, my oldest is my carb girl. My middle one asks for chicken every day and my youngest has the most sophisticated palate of them all.

I find hearing about different cravings interesting. So I recently polled some mom friends to hear about theirs and am sharing them with you! One common theme I did notice was how many ladies craved some sort of fruit. Or all fruit. I do remember randomly wanting watermelon at one point and my hubby rushing out the door to get it for me.

Here are some interesting cravings:

Tammy – McDonald’s cheeseburgers (without the meat!)

Courtney – Tequila! But my doc recommended fresh-made lemonade as an alternative!

Shannon – Nacho Cheese Doritos dipped in peanut butter

Ashley – Salad only from Olive Garden AND for dessert, DQ’s strawberry sundae with pineapple!

Stephanie – Mt Dew. I HATE Mt Dew!!!

Delilah – Flaming Hots and strawberry crunch ice cream together. Oh, and burnt popcorn.

Tanya – Kool-Aid and Pop-Tarts

Angie – mashed potatoes – ALL the time!

Emma – Once I ate a tub of sour cream with a spoon!

Audrey – Swedish Fish (but only the big ones, could not eat the little ones.)

Sarah – Cherry ICEEs

Valerie – Hot sauce (I put it on anything and everything!)

Cheryl – Fried green tomatoes

Chelsea – Cottage cheese on top of pepperoni pizza. I literally ate this 3x a week.

Any of these sound familiar? Salads, lemons, ice cream and some sort of meat that the momma didn’t generally like was also fairly common! Did you have any out of the ordinary cravings?

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