The Working Mom’s Work-Life Balance


Confession: I love memes. Funny ones, deep ones, inspirational ones; there is literally a meme for every moment in life! I read one (and I am really not sure who to give credit to) but it was basically stating that we need to put an end to glamorizing overworking. Not getting enough sleep, not eating a balanced diet, not relaxing or spending time with family so that one can work more is not something we should applaud or wear as a badge of honor.

This spoke to me so deeply.

work-life balance

In my field of work, I often have many female co-workers, and many of them want to take on Oftentimes, they strap themselves so thin, then their work suffers and I imagine their family life suffers as well. This, in turn, creates hostile work environments when others get upset because if someone else is only reaching requirements and not taking on extra, they are then viewed as not carrying their share of the load. When we overwork we send the message that we can handle it all and before long, we are expected to handle it all.

Staffing then suffers (the field of nursing comes to mind) and the work-life balance disappears. In reality, you should be able to do what is required/necessary and still do the job well, be a productive person and good co-worker without being overworked or expected to always take on great loads or a longer work schedule. If you are working somewhere where this is not possible, it may be time to look elsewhere or have a discussion to advocate for change.

This is just a reminder for all those mommas out there that are feeling like they do not have a good work-life balance. You could die today and be replaced by next week at your place of employment. Your children and family, however, can not replace you. It may be uncomfortable, but do not be afraid to venture out to find what you need to find to fit your life and to also meet the desires of your momma heart.

When you are happy and feel valued, you will be a wonderful asset somewhere AND still be a good momma at home. You can do both. We just have to put our feet down and refuse to be overworked at places that are not going to value family and a work-life balance. The world needs happy and balanced mothers; after all, we are raising the future.