Tie the Knot {How to Climb Back Up in Parenthood}

When at the end of your rope, tie a knot and take a breather.

Let’s cut the cute stuff and get down to it. Parenting just stinks sometimes.


Literally. I cleaned up a lot of pee off the floor today. I’ve read countless posts about how to be a more patient parent. The kind of parent who doesn’t kick their toddler out of the nursery because they’re coloring too loud while the baby nurses to sleep.

Sometimes I am the parent who can graciously handle the ups and downs of childhood. I know I’m capable. And I know my children are children and they’re constantly learning and growing.

Other times, I’m the parent who… doesn’t. The constant “why’s,” the crying, the fact that it’s dark by 4:45 p.m. It all piles on and while I started the day climbing up my rope, I am now holding on at the bottom. All patience is gone and it’s not bedtime yet.

And here’s where we tie a knot. I don’t have any other options other than to climb back up. That’s what parenthood is all about. It’s rough and tumble but the endurance and strength we gain along the way go by unnoticed until we tie the knot.

To tie the knot we need to focus.

We need to breathe. We have to hoist ourselves up and then get a grip. And then we can take a moment. We can rest on the accomplishment we just completed by choosing to start again.

Tie. Your. Knot. Once you’ve caught your breath, you’re ready to climb again. You may feel tired, but you’re stronger than before. And that’s who your children need. The better, stronger you who chooses not to quit.