A {Not Very Good} Summer Break Poem



“School’s out for summer,
No more teachers, no more books,”
The kids all shout with glee!

The sun is shining,
The heavy coats are put away.
Flip flops serve as footwear,
And swimming pools serve as bathtubs.

Summer is great fun,
Summer is lazy.
Summer is no bedtimes,
Summer is popsicles.

But it’s a month into summer,
The kids are bored.
One flip-flop is lost,
When DID they last have a bath?

No one wants to read a book,
No one wants to play in HOT sun.
No one wants to do anything,
NOW where is that sun?

Momma works from home,
Everyone is quiet.
Everyone is calm,
Until it’s time for Zoom and suddenly they have started a band.

Summer is fuuuUUUnnnn,
Summer is exhausting.
Summer is “Please just go to bed,”
Summer is cleaning melted popsicles.

It’s almost time for back to school,
Time to buy new pencils and books
How’d they grow almost three inches?
Time for new jeans and real shoes.

Summer is almost over,
One less vacation with this child.
Have all the popsicles that you want,
Just don’t grow up yet!