Saying Sorry as a Mom


Saying sorry by nature can be hard. We as humans are not always wired to face our shortcomings or admit when we have done wrong. No one likes to be wrong, right?!

But saying sorry as a parent is another layer and challenge in itself.


Growing up, I sort of assumed parents were just right. Even when I did not agree. As I have gotten older and had children of my own, I realize there are many times I feel like I am just winging this parenting thing. A secret to tell you (whispering voice), I am not always right as a parent.

Yep, that’s the truth. I do not always make the right decisions, and sometimes things backfire. As many mistakes as I have made, there is, fortunately, a saving grace in parenthood; children are forgiving. Especially when it comes to their parents.

I have had my fair share of moments where I have ended the day apologizing to my children for getting something wrong, or not being the best version of my mommy self. Guess what?! They forgave me. My daughter often reminds me, “Nobody is perfect, mom.”

I have also gotten pretty good about taking a pause and saying you know what, I am sorry. I realize I have made a mistake, or let’s start over today. As humbling as this experience is, it also allows my children to see that we all make mistakes. It also allows them to see the importance of owning up to their mistakes and trying better the next time.

So the next time you make a mistake, instead of letting the day continue to go downhill, just stop and pause. Own up to it, and allow your children the opportunity to experience and see you blossom as a mother. They will be more compassionate and understanding humans for it.