Resolution: Eat More Cake


10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1… the ball dropped, the clock struck midnight, and glasses clinked. After a shortened night’s sleep, the calendar read Jan. 1.

It was time to write down those resolutions.


Let’s be honest, I am not going to keep up with an exercise program for 365 days and I am not going to stop buying Starbucks, but a resolution I can keep is to eat more cake. I know what you are thinking, of course, that’s easy because cake is delicious, but what my resolution really means is to eat more cake made by my kid as we make a mess in the kitchen.

There are so many typical resolutions that everyone tries to keep at the start of the year, but I want these to actually be resolutions I do keep by enjoying time with my daughter.

Cook Healthy Food

Okay, maybe I should make sure my daughter is eating her fruits and veggies every day, and I should be modeling that same behavior for her to see, but I also want to bake cakes with her, too. I want to teach her math skills as we measure flour, and I want to teach her to be silly and have fun as we make a mess with sprinkles and icing.


Pilates class or running 5 miles a day would probably help me get that “pre-kid” body back, but I would rather exercise by chasing after my daughter as she laughs or running across the playground with her as we go down the slide together.

Save Money

Emergency funds and retirement accounts are important, but it’s also important to save money to spend. I set aside money so my daughter can take gymnastics classes or go to the zoo. Saving a little money each month for a “kid account” helps ensure my daughter gets to have fun and exciting experiences that I can enjoy with her.

Read More

Not adding the next best-selling novel to my list this year. Instead, my list is full of Sandra Boynton board books on repeat. Snuggling up with my daughter reading “Dinosaur Dance” for the 10th time today is definitely a resolution I can keep all year long.

Travel More

I’m not updating my passport this year or researching fine dining options in popular cities. Instead, travel plans are full of finding parks, kids’ museums, and free or cheap activities. Deciding where to go? Anywhere that’s within a few hour’s drive in hopes that my daughter doesn’t completely lose it before we arrive because of too much time in the car!

This year’s resolutions might not be glamorous or life-changing, but they are realistic ones that I can keep all year long because I get to spend time with my favorite little munchkin, making memories that will last longer than a year; they’ll last a lifetime.