Off She Went to Cross the Rainbow Bridge {Losing a Pet}


Let me tell you about this place, this very magical place.

I remember losing my Daisy just like it was yesterday. She was a short, slightly chubby, full of life, very sassy Yorkie. I can close my eyes and still hear her four paws dancing across the hardwood floor. The day she passed away, my children asked where she had gone.

I told them the story of the Rainbow Bridge.

rainbow bridge

You see the Rainbow Bridge is the connection between earth and pet heaven. A place where old pets become young again. A place where the weather is always beautiful, perfect for puppy walks. A place where a pet feels no more pain, no more suffering. As our beloved pets cross the bridge, there are many others on the other side waiting for them, waiting to run free and play. I would like to think that someday we will be reunited with the pets of our past, to be greeted with those wagging tails or kitty cat purrs.

Until then, I can see the Rainbow Bridge in my daydreams. To me, it is a beautiful, golden bridge with a rainbow painting the sky, an ever-flowing waterfall, and Daisy’s personal favorite – unlimited pet treats. I imagine it is one of the most beautiful places ever to be seen as, after all, it contains some of the best souls known to mankind.

This past week, my mother and father lost their precious dog. Her name was Bubbles. She was a gentle, calming pup. I remember the day she was rescued, and how hard my father fought to return her to her owner. Her owner requested we keep her. In the end, she ended up in our family, and she ended up becoming my father’s best friend. Dogs have a funny way of entering your life. Just when you think you are saving them, they are really saving you.

After Bubbles passed away, I was ready to once again tell my children my belief of the Rainbow Bridge. Before given the chance, my 6-year-old looked at us and said, “Don’t worry, Daisy is waiting for Bubbles at the Rainbow Bridge. Don’t you think Daisy is waiting for Bubbles, mom?”

I bet she is waiting. Sassy tail wag and all.

Here’s to all the good pets we have lost – may they cross over the Rainbow Bridge.