Purse Time Capsule


I recently came across a story out of Canton, Ohio that truly gave me goosebumps! A custodian at a high school was doing some repairs near some lockers. When he removed a piece of trim, he found a lost purse from 1957! The story talked about the contents of the purse and how they were reunited with the family. This got me thinking… How have the contents of our childhood purse time capsules evolved over the generations? So I set out on a journey to find out!

I graduated from high school in 1997. Honestly, my memory is pretty fuzzy, so I racked my brain and my friends’ brains. (By the way, I believe one of my favorite purses was a red velvet purse with fringes. Wouldn’t you know it’s back in style!) Inside it, I carried house keys, wallet, feminine hygiene products, driver’s license, gum, and pictures. My friends were pretty much the same with the addition of makeup, money, and chapstick. This does not feel all that different from the 1957 purse.

Fast forward to today, 2020.


What are our teenagers carrying in their purses? I polled the teenagers I know. Not many of them carry one, however, these are some of the most memorable answers for what they carry with them:

– Makeup
– Lotion
– Wallet
– Phone/charger
– Food/snacks
– Umbrella
– Definitely not a writing utensil
– Definitely not a calculator
– Scissors, pepper spray, pocket knife – all for protection

Wait, what?! Did they say they needed something for protection?! What is this world coming to?! Hearing this gave me goosebumps on a whole new level and I’m speechless.

What was in your purse in high school? Would it have left anyone you know in your current life speechless?