On the Calendar {Following Through with Family Activities}


One thing I am definitely not great at is follow-through. What about that road paved with good intentions? Well anyway, it’s like my eyes are bigger than my stomach with places to go and things to do, which turns into being paralyzed in inactivity.

Especially with my kids being at the mercy of my faults, I appreciate events like library or park programs.


Getting things on the calendar, in a finite moment in time, make follow-through attainable. I show up, with little to no preparation, and get the thing DONE.

Do I have an interest in teaching my children to sew? Yes. Have I picked up our sewing projects since last month’s library event? No. But having the event creates the accountability to pick up that sewing project at least once a month.

Am I interested in exploring new parks and playgrounds? Yes. Does a park program incentive help us explore? Yes. To our own choices, we might go to the same old places, but an inviting program creates an initiative to check out new-to-us places.

I have great ideas about taking my kids to fun places and doing exciting activities. But I also like sitting on the couch in yesterday’s clothes watching the latest Marvel episode. Signing up for programs (many free or inexpensive) helps me turn meant-to-do into happy-to-have-done.