No-Spend Challenge with Kids


Always thinking about the best value, a no-spend challenge is an exercise to cut out extra spending. Well is the whole month a bust then? Doesn’t have to be! Here are some no-cost ways to have fun with the family.

no spend

Explore a New-to-You Library

With the immense choices in the area, there is bound to be a library branch or even an entire library system you’ve never before visited. Make it a point to check out their kids’ area for any fun installations or featured titles.

Find a New Playground

Check out the websites of park districts or even pinch around a map to find a new-to-you park. Many parks have unique features but even the same ole equipment is made new exploring a new park.

Find Your Nearest Historical Marker

With over 1,700 of those brown placards around the state, they can be found all over the place. Google the list and see which ones you’re interested in finding in person.

Check Out Passes from the Library

There are some paid admission places available to check out for free through our great library systems. Many need planning and patience (like several months for the Aullwood pass from Wright Memorial), but others are available consistently (like the Dayton Art Institute from Dayton Metro). Any Ohioan can have a library card at any Ohio Library, so don’t be afraid to explore branches or systems you otherwise wouldn’t.

Play a Family Game Together

Nothing like time spent together around a table. In our family, we like to say, “if you’ve had fun, well, then you’ve won.” Playing something everyone knows how to play makes it even easier to enjoy each other.

When thinking of ways to have fun with our kids, using some planning and creativity can create a great no-spend adventure.