Saying Goodbye To My First Car


Today I sold my 1st car and it was so emotional. Why have I become so attached to a big chunk of metal? 

We have been through a lot together – 185,250 miles to be exact. When I first picked it up in Kentucky, I was going into my Junior year of college. I felt I needed a car for a couple of reasons: 1) I was going to be a Junior and was now “allowed” by Ohio University standards to have one, 2) figured the car would make it easier to get to and from classroom visits for my teacher observations. If my memory serves me correctly, it was a measly $14,500. I paid it off all on my own in 3 years. I distinctly remember the salesman trying to get me to upgrade to a CD player for $200. I was adamant that that would be a wasted investment since all my music was on my mixed cassette tapes. I couldn’t believe that within the first year I was able to see that I really missed the boat on that emerging technology! So instead, a year later, I got a portable CD player with a cassette tape adapter and it worked just fine.  


The Civic has taken me so many places over the years. In the beginning, we traveled to and from Athens – Cincinnati, Athens – Oxford, Athens – Lancaster, Athens – Parkersburg, Athens – Columbus. Since then, we have traveled so many places I can not recall. My car has seen me through countless milestones as well. It took me to my first job interview, to my first apartment hunt, to my first job, to my wedding, and to the hospital to become a mom. I’ll never forget squeezing myself into the back seat on the way home from the hospital. I wedged my still-huge body between my new peanut and the door. I could barely buckle up. I knew I didn’t really fit, but I also knew this would give me the best view of my new family of three.  

As it turns out, the car is not just a chunk of metal, rubber and fabric. It has taught me so many life lessons. As long as I take good care of things, they will last a long time. Good things actually do come in small packages. I am way too sentimental on objects. I have stuffed you with many things over the years, from an entire dorm room to an apartment to a classroom to a home for my family. From a car full of college students looking for a change of scenery, to a trunk full of diapers and strollers. But most importantly, I stuffed you with memories. I sell it on the same premise as I bought it – practicality and money conscious. I’m not the college student needing a set of wheels anymore. I’m the wife and mother needing a comfortable, reliable, and spacious taxi. I am the woman trying to simplify life in order to enjoy it more.  

So with that, I took it for one last oil change and one last detailing before putting it up for sale. We found it a new, loving owner. I know it will keep them safe as it takes them on their journey of life. I wonder if the 1st upgrade will be to get rid of the cassette player!