Murphy’s Laws on Parenting


We have all heard of Murphy’s Laws – and know that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. As many of us mommas have discovered, this is often a motto in parenthood. It seems only appropriate to have Murphy’s Laws on parenting!

murphy's laws

First Law

If you did not need to pee beforehand, you certainly will while getting children in or out of your vehicle.

Second Law

If you need to make a run to a craft store, odds are you will go to one that does not have a place to put your cart in the parking lot. You will consider trying to offer your cart up to the nearest stranger going inside so that you do not have to try to run it back into the store.

Third Law

You will say I think we will be fine without one more extra diaper, and then you will be out and about when your child has the blowout of the year and you wish you had that one extra diaper.

Fourth Law

If your child has serious questions about life, the universe, or any deep topic, they will ask you said questions right as it is time for bed.

Fifth Law

If your child was not hungry or thirsty during the meal, they will be immediately after you have cleaned up and put everything away or right before bedtime. This child will let you know that they are on the verge of disappearing due to hunger or extreme thirst and will want to know why you did not feed/water them properly.

Sixth Law

When the meltdowns happen, and oh they will, they will happen in front of people who already question your parenting style.

Seventh Law

There will be no changing table and/or spot to feed your hungry child on a day that you are already in a bad mood. This also falls on the same day that we get an item of clothing stuck on or trip on something.

Eighth Law

When you are questioning if there are too many activities in one day and are worried that your child may not do well with such an itinerary, you are correct. You will still push it anyways and then mention later on that you will never make that mistake again. Oh, but you will.

Ninth Law

You will run into all. of. the people when you look like the troll that came out from under the bridge. Your children will also be having a rough day as well.

Tenth Law

A quiet child or one that says they are doing “nothing” is very suspicious.

Golden Law

You will have days where you question your sanity and possibly shed a few tears. Those are the days that your child will look even more angelic while they sleep. Reminding you of why you became a parent and chose the madness.

Do you have any parenting laws to add to this list? If so, tell us!


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