Motherhood Perfection


You know those perfect moms? The ones who tell you pregnancy is such a magical and joyous experience every moment of those nine (or ten) months… that parenting is so rewarding all the time… the ones with the perfectly curled hair and the impeccable makeup who look like they make it to the gym every day… that never lose their patience or their calm?

perfect mom

Yeah, that’s not me. I was miserable most of my pregnancy, my belly never got that cute, perfectly-rounded shape like everyone else, and I could never sleep or shave my own legs towards the end. The crying of a colicky baby and the constant spit-up of a lactose-intolerant infant kept me in over-sized old shirts, unflattering shorts, and tears of my own for the first year.

As much as I love my child, sometimes I don’t want to hear the word, “Mommy!” one more time by the end of the day. I sometimes leave the house without ever looking at my own reflection in the mirror, and I wish I had the energy to get to the gym once a week, let alone once a day! Patience is a virtue I am still learning, and there have been times when I’ve lost my calm.

This may sound terrible to some of you, but as my own mother once told me after I had my daughter, this is what honesty sounds like!

Yes, I love my daughter and would never trade her for the whole world. She gave my life a purpose I never even knew was possible. I love looking at her nose and toes that are just like mine and her eyes and fingers that are just like my husband’s. She makes me smile, she makes me proud, and she brings such unspeakable joy to my life!

I think some moms are afraid to admit that it’s not always easy. Motherhood is work – indeed the most rewarding work, but it’s still work. When you bring a child into this world, you are entirely responsible for another human being’s life! That is a huge responsibility, and I take that very seriously. It is exhausting at times when trying to mold and shape this miniature human, but I do it in the hopes that I will help create a great addition to society one day!

As stubborn and testy as my little one can be, she has the most tender and caring heart, she uses her manners, she’s such a big helper, she brightens my day with her love, and she makes me a better person every day! No, I’m not a perfect mom, but I am a real mom. Striving for perfection is unattainable, but if I work on being a better me than the day before, hopefully, my kid will turn out all right.