Motherhood Is More Than It Appears To Be


People only see the results of motherhood. They don’t see the constant work it takes to get to each moment.

They don’t see the hours of breastfeeding to satisfy the baby enough to hopefully sleep through the night. They just see a well-fed baby. They don’t see the struggle of getting a wiggly, frustrated baby dressed. They just see the cute outfit. They don’t see the tears of exhaustion that mama cries while the child cries also. They just see the perfectly applied makeup that conceals the dark circles of defeat the next morning.

I suppose it’s best that people don’t see all the ups and downs that come along with motherhood.


I think that’s what keeps the bond so strong between the mother and child. It’s those intimate moments that cultivate that unconditional love. It truly is an admiration like no other.

The amount of selflessness it takes to constantly support and nurture another human being is commendable. One of the hardest parts of motherhood is continuing to honor yourself through this journey, too. The mom guilt is dreadful and can leave you crippled if you don’t continue to move through it despite your aching heart. Attending to yourself continuously will not only become easier the more you do it, but it will also make those tiring, long days more bearable.

A happy mama. A happy baby.

At this point, I’m not even sure how mamas do it all. I probably will never understand. All I know is we just do it! What I know for sure is the majority of us moms are doing our best. We just hope one day our kids will see and appreciate whatever that may be.

Mama tried her best to dry those crying eyes late at night.

Mama tried her best to provide your heart’s desires.

Mama tried her best to unlearn those toxic traits she carried throughout life so they wouldn’t affect you.

Mama truly tried.

Our kids may not see all the effort, but hopefully, they experience it. Despite the bumps and bruises, all those vulnerable moments shared between a mother and child are what make motherhood beautiful. For we know that those rocky moments are a part of the journey. May we remember them and the lessons they provide, but keep progressing forward in love not only for our children but for ourselves as well.


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