A Mom’s Favorite Things {What’s on Your List?}


I had plenty of loves before I had my daughter: a cup of tea with a good book, a hot bath, a 3-mile walk with my dogs, a shopping trip with girlfriends, a night out with my husband.

When my daughter was born, the love moved to a small human who suddenly needed me every second of every day.

favorite things

My needs and wants drastically shifted toward her needs and wants, which tends to be a common occurrence when someone becomes a parent. As she gets older, I’m rediscovering some of my loves, aka my favorite things, and trust me when I say they make me a better parent as well.

The Library

Being able to add books to my account and pick them up at library lockers any time of the day has been a game-changer. We are limited on space in our home, and my daughter’s books take up most of every room. Borrowing books allows me to access materials at no cost and can read on my own time. I highly encourage you to check out your library system if you haven’t already!

My Lavender Rice Pack

It is remarkable how something so small can make such a big difference. My neck and shoulders feel the strain after working all day and then chasing my toddler around until bedtime. A few minutes on the couch with my heated rice pack allows me to decompress and relax enough so that I can do it all over again the next day.

Evening Walks with My Dogs 

Walking Miner and Leia has always been a highlight and priority of my day. We get out for fresh air and the exercise is good for all of us. When Ana was born, I made it a point to include her in those walks and we all love the time spent together. The walks are not as long as they once were, but we are together, and that’s what matters.

Buy Nothing Group on Facebook

The thrifty part of me gets a thrill out of finding items for free and the environmental part loves knowing my actions are keeping things out of the landfill. I have scored baby toys, home goods, decorations, and even food, all of which was given a second use prior to the end of its life. It also is a fantastic way to clear out my home and give my items to someone else.


As silly as it sounds, I have never loved pajamas the way I do since becoming a mother. A t-shirt and pair of shorts used to work, but now I have fallen for matching sets and will never go back. Looking put together while staying comfortable should be a mother’s motto, and I firmly believe that should go into both daytime and nighttime attire.

There are many more things I absolutely love, but I wanted to highlight a few of my big ones. What are some of your favorite things as a mother?


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