It’s OK to Not Have a “Thing”


We dont get to pick what our kids will remember about us. Even though I would like to have an awesome mom thingto be remembered by (much like Ross in Friends, not wanting to be known as the divorcing guy), I dont have much say in the matter.

I would love for my kids to recount stories of the sweet birthday traditions their mom would pull off, but I swear their birthdays change dates each year and sneak up on me. Having my kids recount stories of the beautifully-colored summer bucket lists that led to unforgettable adventures would be such a dream. However, in reality, my creative juices are a little diluted.

We dont have a special meal we cook together or regular game nights, I wont be remembered for having an organized house or a sweet nightly ritual. When I used to picture myself as a mom, I would picture myself effortlessly doing all of those things. I have had to admit to myself that I am not the mom I pictured myself being.

Does this mean that they wont remember me? Of course not. Does it mean that they dont feel loved? Heck no! I have realized that not having a fun mom thing” or being the mom I always pictured myself being, doesnt mean I am not enough. It just means its not my thing.