Mama: That Title Matters


Describe yourself without using the word mother. I’ve been instructed to do that before; and for a long time, I couldn’t separate the title from the woman. After all I am a mother through and through.

Now I can describe myself without mentioning that I’m a mom, but I don’t want to. Motherhood has influenced so much of who I am. I know that I am more than just a mom, but allow me to boast about how I’m proud to be given such a monumental title.

There is no one else who can fill my shoes. No one.

I am a giver of life. The very heartbeat of my family.


I’m honoring the woman I am now by acknowledging and praising who I am. Mama, you and I are a big deal… every day.

Becoming a mother three times over has allowed me to look at life from a different perspective. Motherhood is a constant rebirth. It transforms us constantly so we are equipped to continue to do the work. I am a better human because of the experiences I’ve encountered during this journey.

It may be empowering to imagine yourself as not just a mom; however, I challenge you to not negate the title that has rewarded you with your greatest blessing; your child(ren). Accepting who we are to the fullest is liberating. I don’t need to deny one vital part of me to uplift another. I’ve chosen to give all parts of me the admiration it deserves.

Mama is just one title on our list of many. It’s important that we give credit to each and every person we are in all facets of life. You are blessed to be someone’s mom; don’t take that lightly. Someone has chosen you and loves you through and through. That mama is worth boasting about time and time again.