Indulge in Your Own Magic, Mama


I often wonder what my children will remember about their childhood. My kids are 4, 3, and 18 months old now. I’m told these are the golden years of parenting. This is the time they genuinely want to be in your presence. 

You are your child’s world, and we mamas try to make our child’s world as beautiful as we can. 


Even if they can’t fully remember their childhood days once they are older, I’m sure they will sense peace and know in their hearts they were full of wonderful, treasured memories being made simply because we tried. We always try to create magic for our kids.

I must ask, though, do we as moms try to continuously make magic for ourselves, too? Our magic could be cuddling up with our favorite book at night. Our magic could be indulging in a candlelit hot, bubble bath. Our magic could just be sitting in a room of silence. 

Our magic often gets lost in the demands of everyday life. We mustn’t let that magic disintegrate. 

As my kids continue to grow and develop into the people they are meant to be, my job as a parent is to grow along with them. To continue to live my life as they discover who they are because we are both on a continuous journey of discovery. That journey will be long and treacherous if I just sit back and watch my child hit milestone after milestone in life while I remain stifled in my own. 

I must cultivate my own magic daily as I continue to water my kids’ magic, too. I’m a firm believer in mamas finding things that matter to them outside of their kids. 

What do you genuinely enjoy doing for fun?

Make time for it constantly. You can choose yourself mama and still show up for your kids, too. It’s all about priorities. You belong on that priority list mama. 

Our kids won’t be home with us forever. It’s better for us to find and maintain our happiness now, instead of scrambling to try to rediscover who we are later. Plus your kids deserve to see their mama thriving and living her best life unapologetically. 

So the next time your find yourself making magical moments for your child, make sure you store some of that magic away for yourself as well. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. Magicians need to enjoy their own magic shows, too.


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