Eight Intentions for 2022 {A Few Steps to a Few More Results}


Even though it’s thrown around a lot this time of year, the word “resolution” always felt heavy to me in its tone. To resolve to do something is a BIG commitment for someone who’s reluctant to give attention to ONE more task. Whenever gurus talk about lifestyle shifts, they quote phrases like, “Small changes, daily routine, and lasting impact.”

I don’t discount these, however, I’d prefer to look at “New Year Intentions.”


These are something I aim to do, but if they fall flat, at least I was momentarily having positive ponderings!

  1. Normalization of an Affirmation: Optimism doesn’t come easily to me. I belong to a Mom2Mom group that speaks about reading something on the daily to help encourage and nix the negativity. No one phrase is a magic fix and but if it helps boost your outlook, why not try it? Intention: Today, I will do my best to have a good day.
  2. Mighty Tidy: Until I had my child, my house and all its contents had a place and resided therein. That was one aspect of my life that I controlled and it made me happy. After having my child, the chaos of life really smashed that to smithereens. Experts say that mental health and cleaning are connected, so I try to find a space where I can be in charge throughout the week. Intention: Changing bed sheets, dealing with mail, or putting away the clean laundry that’s been sitting in a basket for 2 weeks.
  3. Pacify Your Plant: It’s cause and effect, right? Living things have basic needs. I’ve been quite successful when it comes to the general demise of indoor greenery. I did move on to succulents and cacti, thus ironically drowning them… never the less, I will work toward flourishing foliage. Intention: Water plants correctly.
  4. Reach Out and Touch Someone: Once a week, check in on someone you love. Returning to work cut into a lot of talk time with my mom. Knowing I won’t always be able to pick up a phone and talk to her makes the times we do talk almost a sentimental experience for me. Intention: Even if it is happy and sad at the same time, calling a loved one can make them (and you) feel connected and favored.
  5. Animal Kong: Disney Jr.’s Muppet Babies is a favorite TV show in my house. In one episode, Animal (the rowdy, red Muppet who loves to play drums) is angry because it’s time to rest, not time to play. His internal emotions grow so big that he physically becomes the size of those feelings! Through deep breathing, allowing agitations to pass and realizing they won’t last forever, a calm ending is granted. Thank you for reminding me how to handle my own hot-mess express, Muppets. Intention: Channel my inner Animal.
  6. Dopamine Dressing: Wearing outfits that make you feel confident may stimulate emotions, self-image, and mood. Intention: The mom-wardrobe-staple solid black leggings or a dress with knee-high boots… believe in yourself, hottie!
  7. Facilitate Flossing: “Do you floss regularly?” is probably a phrase folks in the dental field have nightmares about, due to how many times they repeat it during a workday. I’ve heard it MANY times while latex gloves are moving a piece of thread through my teeth… followed up by an awkward silence. I’ve got to do better! Intention: Routinely use floss picks, soft picks, or good ol’ dental floss… something has to be better than nothing!
  8. Intention: Listen to understand, rather than listening to respond. Enough said on that one.

Cheers to y’all in 2022!