When It Doesn’t Feel Like We Are All in This Together


Friends, I’m trying really hard to be “fluid” during this time of “new normal.” I really am. I was flexible when my employer said to work from home. I was flexible when the schools and preschools closed. I was flexible when our spring break plans were canceled. I was flexible when my husband’s job changed his schedule. I’m being fluid. Because we are all in this together. Right? But are we? Really?

Honestly, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like we’re in this together.


When my friends share all the amazing home improvements they’ve done because of the extra time on their hands, but I’m struggling to maintain a clean home because I’m still working 45-50 hours a week and my spouse’s hours changed and increased – it doesn’t feel like we are in this together.

When my friend is struggling with wondering how her small business is going to survive, but both my husband and I are still working with steady incomes – it doesn’t feel like we are in this together.

When I see TV shows and Facebook lives and YouTube specials from authors, creators and singers alike but I don’t have time to watch them – it doesn’t feel like we are in this together.

When I see posts from the moms who have embraced homeschooling and their kids are learning far beyond what the teacher has assigned but my kids are sleeping until 10 a.m., starting on schoolwork at noon and sometimes finishing at bedtime – it doesn’t feel like we are in this together.

When I scroll through my Facebook feed and I see post after post on both sides of the political aspect of COVID-19 and quarantine and government orders and both sides angry with the other – it doesn’t feel like we are in this together.

And when I feel this way, I struggle.

I want to protect my family, but I want to “go back to normal.” I want to be productive and accomplish great things, but I want to continue to feel safe with my job security. And I wonder – are we really in this together?

But then I see post after post of people decorating their windows with rainbows to bring joy to others. I see a nonprofit organization shifting its focus to care for those suffering the most and I see dozens of volunteers stepping up to assist. I see my neighborhood come together for a social distancing Easter egg hunt. I see my kids playing outside for hours on end using their imagination and soaking up the vitamin D. I see kids from all over learning and embracing and working with technology, better than some adults!

We may not be the same. It definitely isn’t the same for all of us. But we will all come out of this stronger, more knowledgeable, and very, very appreciative of the little things. Because truly, we are all in this together.


  1. Thank you Amy for such a eye opening article. I tend to take things in stride and loose sight of what others may be going through. You are a granddaughter I can be very proud of.

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