I Remember When {I Remember When I Lost My Mind}


Have you heard about the science of memories? My poor summary is that remembering our remembrances is flawed. It’s fascinating to read about, and I encourage you to look into it. I like to ask family and friends how they remember things and it’s great for quality time together. Here are some topics to get you started.


As a child of the 80s, I remember corded phones, call waiting, caller id, calling cards, pay phones, night and weekend rates, and early cell phones. Have you seen the meme asking kids now vs. adults how to hold their hands up to their faces for a phone sign? So much to share about fun phone memories. 


Losing a pet in 2020, I like to talk about them to keep their memory alive. Sometimes Facebook memories spark certain opportunities to share cute antics. Lots of pet moments to relive and smile about.


My father met my mother applying for a car loan, and all these years later, I still ask for different details about the story. Between learning how to drive, accidents, amenities, repairs and parking spots, so much of our routines center around transportation.


I’ve lived my entire life in Montgomery County, Ohio, but in seven different places. Multitudes to share about different driveways, bedrooms, backyards, chores and neighborhoods.

Need phone topics or things to talk about around a meal? Consider walking down memory lane together and I bet a good time will be had by all.