For My Beautiful Mom on Mother’s Day


Dear Mom,

Especially these last couple of years, I have appreciated you more than ever. You have a special touch with my kids that no one else has. Mr. Cute is always saying, “I want to talk to MeeMaw!” or “I am only making this painting for Grandma.” Miss Cute will ask when Grandma is coming over and when she gets to play with Grandma. Whenever you come in, you always bring a special surprise, knowing just what the kids love, whether it is a new favorite toy or a tasty treat that I usually don’t buy.

Though you have things you need to do for yourself, you stop everything to help the kids anytime I ask. You take your role as a true vocation, acknowledging how special it is.

The Mom and Grandma pride you exude is evident in everything you do.


I feel more connected to you now that I am a mother because my perspective changed drastically. Teenagers and young adults sometimes criticize their parents, expecting an unattainable, idealized parent. Since I have lived it, I know how much a mom loves her children no matter what, even if sometimes she has to enforce discipline. I see how sometimes you’d feel at the end of your rope and frustrated, too, by how I didn’t listen to you. I’m sure I gave you a run for your money when I was growing up but you’re still here, forgiving me.

If I have ever been loving or shown love to anyone else, I learned it from you. I fondly remember the countless times you led me in bedtime prayers and read books to me. Though you had twin babies, you carefully attended to us and valued our differences. You could always tell us apart when no one else could because you knew us best.

Now as a MeeMaw, I marvel at your patience and creativity with your grandchildren. When you leave, they say, “When is Grandma coming back? I wish she didn’t have to leave.” They love how you enter into their magical pretend world as an equal, fostering their imaginative play. They have an ally who is always on their side and ensuring they get the tastiest snacks.

You were born to be a mother. I’m glad somehow God chose you to be my mother. As good of a mother as you are, you are an even better Grandma. Enjoy your day because I will be honoring you.

Your Daughter


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